Primary Day: August 11th

Today marks another big day of primaries across the United States. Some questions will be answered today with the most monumental being will Ilhan Omar win her primary in the Minnesota 5th Congressional District. Other states holding primaries today include: Wisconsin, Connecticut, Vermont, and Georgia Congressional runoffs.


The headliner in the Minnesota primaries being held today is the Minnesota 5th Democratic runoff between Illhan Omar and several challengers with her most formidable one being Anton Melton-Meaux. This race has been highly publicized as outside groups have been pouring money into the Melton-Meaux campaign many of those groups with conservative leaning objectives, and as a result the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer Labor party has filed multiple Campaign Finance violations against his campaign. The seat, which includes the Minneapolis metro area was formerly held by current Minnesota Attorney General Keith Elliston, who is seen as a progressive, and endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic Primary. There has not been much polling from this district, however Ilhan Omar’s internal polling has shown her winning by a wide margin. This seat will be the final primary featuring an incumbent member of “The Squad”, as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have already won their primaries or were unopposed. The outcome could also score progressives another victory as they have been a hot streak lately with wins from Jamaal Bowman in NY-16 over incumbent Elliot Engel, Marie Newman in IL-3 agains incumbent Dan Lipinski, and most recently Cori Bush’s historic win in MO-1 against incumbent Lacy Clay.


Moving to the conservative side in Georgia, Georgia’s 14th Congressional District’s runoff between Qanon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene and John Cowan. The winner will be the next representative of the district, as this is one of the safest Republican districts in Georgia. Taylor Greene won the most votes in the primary gathering 40.3% of the vote with Cowan only garnering 21.0%. Marjorie Taylor Greene has come under more and more fire recently as during an interview she made anti-Semitic comments, and has also made various other racist and Islamophobic comments on Facebook, however House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has not endorsed in this race, but outside Conservative groups have described her comments as “appalling” and “disgusting”.

Several other primaries that could be interesting tonight include Vermont’s Democratic Primary for governor and Wisconsin’s 26th State Senate Democratic Primary which features a candidate endorsed by Ilhan Omar, as well as Democratic Socialist of America, and the Sunrise Movement. Nada Elmikashfi, a Sudanese immigrant, who recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin will be running in a crowded field, for the Madison, Wisconsin seat, and with no clear favorite it will be interesting to see how the race shakes out.

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