Q-Anon Backer Marjorie Taylor Greene wins GA-14 Republican Primary Runoff

Republican Candidate for Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene has defeated her opponent John Cowan in the Republican Primary Runoff election for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. The winner of the Republican nomination is almost guaranteed to win the seat in November, the seat has gone Republican in every single election in its history. Greene joins Oregon Senate Candidate Jo Rae Perkins and Colorado House Candidate Lauren Boebert as Q-Anon believers that will be up for election in November under the Republican Party label.

Greene’s Background

“[African Americans] are slaves to the Democratic Party”

Marjorie Taylor Greene became famous through creating content on Facebook seen by many as racist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic. She is quoted several times as saying that Muslims should not hold public office, that Black people are “slaves to the Democratic Party”, that Jewish mega-donor George Soros is a Nazi, and that Black people should be proud of Confederate monuments because they symbolize progress. The nomination of Greene is very controversial not only because of the content present in her Facebook live streams but also because of her belief in the Q-Anon conspiracy theory. The theory states that President Trump is waging a secret war against Satanist elites that have controlled Washington for decades. It stems from a 4Chan user that goes by “Q” and claims to have a high level of security clearance, which allows them to leak high-value information to the public. The conspiracy is growing in popularity within online circles, even reaching the president’s son, Eric. Many Q-Anon believers have been arrested for making online threats against the “deep state”, or taking offline action. With both Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene running in safe Republican districts, it is extremely likely that one, if not two Q-Anon believers will be part of the 117th US Congress.

Georgia’s 14th District

Georgia’s 14th Congressional District is one of the newest districts in the nation, having been created after the 2010 census. The district has been reliably Republican since its inception, the Republicans winning every single election in the district’s history. The Cook Partisan Voting Index rates the district as a +27 R, meaning that the district reliably votes Republican. It has been represented previously by only one Congressman, Tom Graves. Graves never won an election by less than 45 percent, running uncontested in 2 out of his 4 elections. The district seems to be trending more Republican, voting for Romney by 48%, Trump by 53%, and Kemp by 52%. All of this information means that this seat will almost certainly go Republican, meaning Marjorie Taylor Greene will become the first Q-Anon believer to be elected to the United States Congress.

What this means for November

“Republicans will be answering for her, for years to come.”

The race between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden is currently trending in Biden’s favor. Biden has been able to turn states that went safely for President Trump into real, competitive swing states. One of these states is Georgia. Donald Trump won the state by over 5% in 2016, down from 8% for Romney. Polls currently show Donald Trump ahead by around half of a percentage point. Polls in 2016 for Georgia were very accurate, only missing the mark by 0.2% of the vote. We can infer from both of these facts that the race is extremely tight; one unpopular Republican or Democratic candidate can weigh down the presidential candidate for either party. This unpopular candidate could be Marjorie Taylor Greene. If local Democrats can weaponize her racist, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic quotes, they could drive up minority turnout, which swings heavily Democratic, therefore flipping all 16 of Georgia’s electoral votes for Joe Biden. However, the Presidential election isn’t the only election happening in Georgia this November. There are also 2 important Senate races, one of which is very competitive. In a year where control over the Senate is at stake, and your state could decide the outcome, running a far-right conspiracy theorist for Congress is the worst possible decision for the Georgia GOP. One Republican source went as far as saying, “Republicans will be answering for her for years to come,” when speaking off the record to Politico reporter Melanie Zanona. This one Republican Candidate could potentially swing not only the presidency but also the Senate in favor of the Democrats in November.

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