Far-Right Islamophobe Laura Loomer Wins FL-21 Republican Primary

Another round of primaries has come in gone in the lead up to this November’s election to decide control of the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. One of the most consequential statewide primaries was held this Tuesday in the swing state of Florida. The most controversial primary was the US House 21st District Republican primary, where far-right conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer defeated Christian Acosta. The district that Loomer’s running in happens to be the home district of President Trump, but the district is a heavily Democratic area. The President tweeted his congratulations to Loomer, saying that she “has a great chance against a Pelosi puppet.” Loomer is another proponent of the “Q-Anon” conspiracy theory, along with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jo Rae Perkins, and Lauren Boebert.

Skeletons in Loomer’s Closet

Laura Loomer is most likely the most controversial candidate running for Congress this November. Her entire brand is built upon controversial, far-right conspiracy theories and rampant Islamophobia. Loomer’s career began with the right-wing activism website Project Veritas. 

She gained her initial notoriety after secretly recording herself asking university officials to start a club in support of ISIS. The video was deceptively edited, and Loomer faced criminal charges for taping the conversation without disclosure. She continued with her disruptive activism by attending a book signing for Chelsea Clinton’s recent release, requesting that Clinton sign the book for Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill Clinton’s accusers. In another instance, she interrupted a production of the Shakespeare play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. She said that the play “normalized political violence against the right.” During this period, Loomer worked for The Rebel Media, a different far-right news website. Shortly after this incident, she resigned from The Rebel Media, but continued with her antics. These include jumping a fence to protest on Nancy Pelosi’s front yard, jumping a fence to protest on Gavin Newsom’s front yard, and getting banned from PayPal, GoFundMe, Venmo, Facebook, and Instagram. 

“Someone needs to create a non-Islamic form of @Uber or @lyft because I never want to support another immigrant Islamic driver.”

Loomer was also banned from Uber, UberEats, and Lyft for discriminating against Muslim, or Muslim-looking drivers. “Someone needs to create a non-Islamic form of @Uber or @lyft because I never want to support another immigrant Islamic driver.” She posted on Twitter that she was a “ #ProudIslamophobe” at the time as well. Loomer has a history of attacking Muslim progressive Ilhan Omar by presenting her with outlandish conspiracy theories at her press meetings, including one that states that Ilhan Omar married her brother to gain US citizenship. These theories have absolutely no evidence to support them. She has made several appearances on fake news website Infowars, peddling theories that the Parkland and Santa Fe mass shootings were false flag attacks. 

Luckily for Florida voters, Loomer has almost no chance of defeating Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel, as the Democratic primary had 6 times the amount of votes as the Republican. Candidates like Loomer are gaining prominence in the Republican party, but they are fundamentally detrimental to our democracy. Having an authority figure tell you that the opposing party is massacring civilians in order to repeal the 2nd Amendment is extremely dangerous. If GOP leadership knows what’s best for the party, it would be in their best interest to distance themselves from candidates like these. There must be a Republican party after Trump is gone, but if the GOP continues in this direction, there won’t be. 

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