Kennedy School Democrats endorse Ed Markey

The Massachusetts Democratic Senate Primary has taken national stage recently with a tight battle between incumbent Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy. The recent polling has suggested a shift in support to Markey in the closing days before the primary on Tuesday, and now he has the endorsement of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, which notably bares the name of the late president and relative of Rep. Joe Kennedy.

This primary, which only a couple of months ago seemed like Kennedy would walk away with it in a landslide victory against the longtime Massachusetts lawmaker has featured many insane trends. The Kennedy campaign has accused Ed Markey’s supporters of being vicious online with threats to him and their supporters, as well as including a tweet from a poorly drawn dinosaur that has the words “F–k Joe Kennedy” in a document sent to Markey’s campaign. Then, we have an Ed Markey ad that evokes the famous late president John F. Kennedy’s quote from his inauguration in 1961, but with his own unique spin on it in saying, “With all due respect, it’s time to start asking what your country can do for you.” Even as recent as yesterday a fake polling scandal captivated local and national media, that showed Kennedy with a 7 point lead over Markey before the poll was reported to be a fake, and you can find our story on how and who was involved with faking the polling by clinking this link. Now in the final days we also have Harvard’s Kennedy School endorsing Sen. Ed Markey over Rep. Joe Kennedy.

The final days of this hotly contested primary as well as others in the Commonwealth are sure to produce even more interesting content, and to stay up to date with all the news follow us on Twitter.

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