The Jim Clyburn Files: Part III Clyburn’s rise and the Future of SC-06

This is the final part of our three part series on Rep. Jim Clyburn

Our three part series focusing on the corruption and life of Jim Clyburn culminates today, we have covered everything from Clyburn accepting over a million dollars from Big Pharma, thousands of dollars from tobacco companies, hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance company, and how that affects his thought on Medicare For All, and also public housing scandals, and a scandal at an HBCU he is an alumni of. Today, we take a look at how Jim Clyburn rose to prominence and the future of his district as the 80 year old will more than likely retire in 2022.

James Enos Clyburn was born in 1940, in Sumter, S.C., and was the son of a minister and beautician. He attended Boylan -Haven-Mather-Academy, and then went on to attend South Carolina State University, an HBCU in the city where he was born. Clyburn graduated with degree in History. Clyburn’s first job after college was a teaching job at C.A. Brown High School in Columbia, S.C. Clyburn worked for multiple political campaigns until he was appointed in 1971 to serve as the South Carolina Human Affairs Commissioner. Clyburn would serve in this roll until 1992, when he ran for the South Carolina’s 6th district Representative, and he was won a close primary before costing to a general election win. Clyburn would quickly rise to leadership positions in the house, first servicing as the Vice Chair of the House Democratic Conference in 2003, and rose to Chair of the House Democratic Conference in 2006. Clyburn would then be elevated to the House Assistant Democratic Leader in 2011, in a position he held until 2019, before being elevated to House Majority Whip.

Jennifer Clyburn Reed “There is one office that I know

Jim Clyburn’s Daughter a little bit more than others,”

Jim Clyburn’s Daughter

Now we turn to the future of South Carolina’s 6th district, the next congressman or woman for their district will almost certainly court the endorsement of Jim Clyburn, and whoever receives it if he endorses will be the front runner for primary for sure, which will be essentially the election in the dark blue seat. Who are the contenders? The main one is Jennifer Clyburn Reed, Jim Clyburn’s daughter. Jeniffer is currently working as a consultant in D.C., but has commented on her intentions to run for congress, and she would be the overwhelming favorite to win the seat her father has held for almost 30 years. She stated at a event with Sen. Gillibrand that, “There is one office that I know a little bit more than others,” in reference to her running for office one day. However, if Jennifer Reed decides against running for her father’s seat the next contender could be the mayor of Columbia, S.C. Stephen Benjamin. Benjamin, who is fifty years old has held the spot as Columbia’s mayor for ten years, so he has name recognition in the district and would be a likely choice for Clyburn if his daughter decided to not run for the seat.

The final conclusion of our three part series looked at the rise and future of Rep. Jim Clyburn and his seat in South Carolina’s 6th district. This story was an eye opener for us after coming through records for months, and tying the story together, it really reveals why Clyburn saved Biden. Clyburn, who is considered a corporate democrat, and has had no problems taking money from scandal ridden corporations seems and continues to use his office for personal gain for himself and others. Clyburn is celebrated among the centrist wing of The Democratic Party almost only for his endorsement of Biden. Sometimes we should ask why? Why is there so much support for a man who has committed various nefarious acts, accepts money from drug companies killing our friends and family, accepts money from tobacco companies killing our friends and families, and lastly accepts money from insurance companies that shape his policy and his strong opposition to Medicare For All. I can’t answer those questions but hopefully Rep. Jim Clyburn can in the future.

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