Military Times Poll shows Biden leading Trump with service members

The Military Times released their poll of service members this morning, and it shows Joe Biden with a 6 point lead over Donald Trump.

The poll, which was conducted in late July to early August, featured over 1,018 active duty service men and women. This poll, which shows a decent Joe Biden lead is a major departure from the same poll in 2016. The 2016 October Military Times poll showed Donald Trump with a 20 point lead over Hillary Clinton at the time, and a net favorable rating of +9, however in this poll Donald Trump now has a net -12 unfavorable rating from the troops.

Honestly, this result should not be too surprising as Donald Trump’s numbers across the board have been pretty abysmal throughout 2020, but a once reliable voting bloc has now shifted by over 26 points in just four years from a +20 to -6. This begs the question, could there be other voting blocs similar to the military that could flip to Biden in 2020? Time will tell, but if you’re a Joe Biden supporter this is a very encouraging result.

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