The Lincoln Project has gone silent

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Lincoln Project, which became a favorite of many “resistance” liberals, has gone silent. The Lincoln Project, composed of former GOP mainstays, Rick Wilson, George Conway, John Weaver, Steve Schmidt, and others, raised over $20,000,000 from donors according to their latest filing. The Lincoln Project is billed as a PAC to defeat Donald Trump and his enablers. However, when the stakes became even higher after last night’s news of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing, the Lincoln Project was not there to hammer Trump or his enablers for their hypocrisy of wanting to rush a nominee before the election. No ads were quickly cut, No snarky tweets, Nothing, because deep down the founders of this Super Pac know their best interests are served by Conservatives having a 6-3 advantage on the Supreme Court.

The “aha” moment for many came when old tweets from the Super Pac founders were found showing racist tropes and other demeaning terms, and let’s not forget Rick Wilson of the New York Times clamoring in the early 2000s for the United State’s to invade Iraq. The main point of the Lincoln Project appears to be three major things. 1. Make a ton of money of ‘resistance’ liberals, who will donate any amount of money to defeat Donald Trump. 2. Defeat Donald Trump – Make no mistake I do believe the Lincoln Project does want to defeat Donald Trump, but after that, Democrats must not forget these guys are 100% lifelong conservatives. 3. Data Collection – The Lincoln Project now has a treasure trove of Email addresses and phone numbers from the thousands of donors and can push their pro-war, pro-corporate, and pro-privatization of essential government services.

Democrats can look no further than the first grift from Rick Wilson, “Everything Trump touches Dies.” The GoFundMe, which raised over $64,000 in 2017, was billed as a film about Trump’s first year in office. Rick Wilson, who started the GoFundMe, was providing regular updates about the film and its progress. However, in early 2019, updates stopped. Interestingly the same year, the Lincoln Project was announced. The final update from Wilson was provided on GoFundMe and stated:

Hey, folks! 

Just a quick note to let you know ETTD is still happening! 

The initial concept of the documentary was focused on the early days of the Trump Administration, but with the success of the book on which much of the research for the project was based, it became obvious we had to expand the scope of the project to truly tell the story. 

The continuing examples of the damage Donald Trump has done to the nation, and the chaos in the White House have made us more committed to the project than ever.

We will endeavor to keep our community more informed as the project goes forward.

Thank you again!

Rick Wilson – January 2019

Now we come to the present day grift of the Lincoln Project. Open Secrets has reported that the Super Pac has spent only $8,000,000 of the $19,000,000 raised, which begs the question, with only about six weeks until the 2020 Election, when will this money be spent? Will anymore be spent at all? What happened to the GoFundMe money Rick Wilson accepted from 1,400 donors? These are the questions Democrats should be asking as the Lincoln Project goes quiet in the election’s most crucial time.

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